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Apple Computers and peripherals


Classic Keyboard – Apple II synthesizer

I recently acquire a Classic keyboard.  This is special on two fronts.  First,  the entire package this was a part of, known as “The Classic System”,  was compatible with alphaSyntauri software, according to the...


Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

Finally put my Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) back in the box after having it out for a couple of years. Time to put something else in it’s spot for a while but while I...


Tiger Learning Computer

I recently acquired a new “toy”.  Actually, it’s a toy from 1996 that’s called the Tiger Learning Computer.  I was able to get the main unit and four cartridges but it normally comes with...


Macintosh SE Upgraded to SE-30 (note the dash)

This computer had a curious feature that made me think it might have been a prototype.  This is a Macintosh SE that was upgraded to an SE/30 but it’s unique feature included finger wells...