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Using Kermit on the Commodore 900 0

Using Kermit on the Commodore 900

Running Kermit on the Commodore 900 is a bit awkward but it works.  I have used it to send and receive files between a PC laptop and the C900.  For my scenario, I use...


An early Commodore PET

On October 17, 1977 the Commodore PET started shipping. There was an initial run of 100 units and this unit may have been one of them. It is serial number 10051 (number 51). It’s...


Commodore C64x Extreme

After looking for quite awhile, I finally managed to acquire a 2011 Commodore USA C64x Extreme computer.  While it looks like a Commodore 64 from 1983 at first glance, it’s actually a 2011 era...


Early VIC-20 from Japan

Shown here is an early VIC-20 computer from Japan. The box is beat up and it suffers from yellowing on the top but it is otherwise in great condition.