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IBM computers and peripherals


IBM PC RT 6150

I’ve been on the lookout for an IBM PC RT and was able to acquire this 6150 model.  Unfortunately, it was only the tower that I could find so I am trying to figure...


IBM 3277 Terminal

Here are some pictures of my IBM 3277 terminal.  I got it recently and cleaned it up including dissembling and cleaning up the keyboard.  This is the 3277 Model 2 that has an 80...


IBM 5161 Expansion Unit

Some time back, I acquired an IBM 5161 expansion unit that adds extra capacity to the original IBM PC model 5150.  The 5150 only had 5 expansion slots and two full-height 5.25″ floppy drives...


IBM 5100: In Pictures

After some serious cleaning and some troubleshooting, I wasn’t able to get the 5100 running.  It is a sad day when you can’t get something working but the parts are just too scarce.  So,...


IBM 5100: Before

I was able to acquire an IBM 51oo after many many months of pursuit.  It is in rough shape but I was expecting that.  It’s not often these come up for sale so you...