Dictaphone Dual Display system

This is the Dictaphone Dual System base unit with a model number of 3002.  This is an Intel 8085 based word processor that was available through Artec International, a subsidiary of Pitney Bowes.  Dating from mid to late 1981 based on the dating of the internal chips.

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  1. Engicoder says:

    Nice. Had a chance to power this up yet? What does it mean by “Dual Display” can you connect this to a TV or monitor?

  2. Mike Woolley says:

    Dual display refers to the fact that it had a full screen monitor (green-screen) on the main terminal as well as the single line display on each of the keyboards. They would not connect to any regular monitor as far as I’m aware.
    The system I used was running in 1983, long before any type of PC was commonplace. It was a main unit with three networked terminals consisting of the keyboard shown with a built in single line display. The dual full monitor style display was directly attached to the main unit. It also had several 8-inch drives attached with removable ‘cassettes’ and lived inside it’s own air-conditioned room.
    Anyone know what OS or software these were supposed to run ?

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