IBM 3277 Terminal

Here are some pictures of my IBM 3277 terminal.  I got it recently and cleaned it up including dissembling and cleaning up the keyboard.  This is the 3277 Model 2 that has an 80 columns by 25 characters screen.  You can see some burn-in on the CRT.  I’m sure this was a workhorse that was on 24×7 and has seen plenty of work.

I would have loved to know what it was attached to and where but this comes from someone who purchased it on Craigslist in California so I don’t have specific details.  Information on IBM 3270 based terminals is well documented in Wikipedia here: along with specifics on the 3270 protocol.  If you ever heard the term “green screen”, this is where it came from.

This particular terminal has a classic IBM Beam Spring keyboard.  You can see an alternate Micro Switch based Typewriter style keyboard I also have here.




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  1. y11971alex says:

    A 3277 was attached to a 3274 communication controller, which was connected to one of the channels of a System/370 computer.

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