IMSAI Short Form Catalog for Fall 1977

Along with an IMSAI PCS-80/30 I acquired, I received some documentation.  Among the documents was the IMSAI Short Form Catalog for Fall 1977.  I would imagine this is the catalog that was available when the original owner of the PCS-80/30 purchased it.  It is a very interesting view of what was available from IMSAI at the time.

This is a single sheet 22.5″ x 11″ double sided booklet that I was not able to scan as a single page so it’s actually laid out like this:

Page 5 Page 6 Page 1
Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

I called the cover Page 1 and then followed the page numbers as people would read them so hopefully this is not too confusing.

Anyway, please enjoy.

IMSAI Page 1 IMSAI Page 2 and 3 IMSAI Page 4 IMSAI Page 5 and 6



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  1. joe says:

    The lady on the cover was Marcie Mafei, from our (IMSAI) service department.

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