Processor Technology SOL-PC – An early Sol-20 minus the 20?

I have recently acquired a home-made Sol-PC with documentation from October 1976. The original owner appears to have been a Sol-PCB purchaser (paid $40). The Sol-PC Rev D board looks like the regular “S-100 slot in the middle” board that is hand soldered, has a third-party ASCII keyboard from Electronics Warehouse (EW-100), a hand built power supply and comes in a case that looks nothing like a SOL-20 (clearly a third-party case as shown below).

The Sol-PCB may have been purchased from the original Popular Electronics article from July 1976. I don’t see any evidence of the Sol-PCB being sold in any subsequent price lists or this September 1976 press release but it is mentioned in the PE article so I believe this may have been from that original article.

The documentation I have is quite sparse yet I believe it is complete.  The cover letter is visible below.  As noted in the letter, it comes with full schematics, a placement guide and other information for the builder. The components are all over the place in terms of dates so I don’t think this was a pre-packaged kit. The personality module is also a bit strange because it’s a 2708 version from 1977 (I think this was a replacement).  The actual Intel 2708 is missing in one or two photos because, sadly, it is blank and I can’t seem to erase what is left on it.  It would have contained CONSOL since it is a 1k x 8 chip.

The Rev D schematics are dated September 23, 1976 so it’s not too far off of the article date.  I have links to the documentation below.

The documentation that came with this computer is as follows:

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