Educator 64 Video board info

This is information for the Educator 64 video board.  Here are some small pictures: Large pictures are in this zip file.   Parts list for things that had numbers on them.  Note: Pots have...


Olivetti Programma 101 – restoration

As I go through the process of restoration for a second Olivetti Programma 101 I was able to acquire, I will post pictures of some of the things I have to deal with. First...


Total Microcomputer Model 4000

Some time back I acquired a Total Microcomputer Model 4000 computer.  It was stated to be similar to a Sphere 1 computer when I got it but I could not be sure.  As noted...


Atari Three Button Mouse?

I just acquired this interesting mouse.  I have no idea if it’s actually an Atari product or a prototype or whatever it is.  It’s definitely a three-button mouse and it has some Atari emblems...


S100 Card Collection

I was doing some “spring cleaning” and decided to consolidate the loose S100 cards I had and take some pictures to help document them.  Below are the pictures. Artec Electronics Bob Mullen California Computer...


Mysterious Acquisition

In December, 2021, I saw an auction for a “Vintage Portable Monitor Keyboard Cables/Cords and Carrying Case *Parts/Repair*”.  The pictures in the eBay auction were plentiful but the description was vague.  It was one...


Olivetti Programma 101: First look

Yesterday, i received a computer that has been on my “want list” for a very long time.  I do searches for certain historical computers on an almost daily basis and the Olivetti Programma 101...


Nabu PC and Development Server

I recently acquired a Nabu PC and Nabu 1100 server..  These were reported to be used for development of software for the Nabu Network.  More information to follow but for now, here are pictures...


Intecolor 3600 series computer

I recently acquired an Intelligent Systems Corp (ISC) Intecolor 3600 Series desktop computer recently from someone who used to work at ISC.  Wikipedia calls it the successor to the COMPUCOLOR II. Unfortunately,  it is...

Using Kermit on the Commodore 900 0

Using Kermit on the Commodore 900

Running Kermit on the Commodore 900 is a bit awkward but it works.  I have used it to send and receive files between a PC laptop and the C900.  For my scenario, I use...

MFM Emulator on the Commodore 900 0

MFM Emulator on the Commodore 900

These are my notes on using David Gesswein’s MFM emulator with the Commodore 900.  At present, I do not have it set up to use the emulator on a regular basis but I was...


GRiD GRiDPad 2260

The GRiDPad model 2260 is an early pen-based personal computer that has a very distinction convertible action from pen-based slab to laptop configuration with full keyboard.   Below are some pictures.  


An early Commodore PET

On October 17, 1977 the Commodore PET started shipping. There was an initial run of 100 units and this unit may have been one of them. This PET 2001-8 model is serial number 10051...