Apple Macintosh 128k upgraded with SCSI and extra memory

I recently acquired a Macintosh 128k that looked almost stock except for the external SCSI connector on the back.  Clearly, this was an upgraded machine but I wanted to see how original it was and if the upgrade was reversible.  It’s is almost reversible but the on board memory has been replaced so it is not easily returned to it’s original form.

The upgrades include SCSI with newer Macintosh ROMs along with an upgraded 800k floppy drive and additional memory.  After booting up smoothly, Finder showed 1024k of memory.   The original purple ceramic 68000 CPU adorns a Micro Logic sticker.  The SCSI/upgraded ROM daughter board is made by CPU Designs Inc.  and the 512k memory Megaplus daugher board is made by  Hayotronics Inc.  This 512k board supplements the upgraded on board 512k memory.  The upgraded soldered memory chips looks very well done on the original 128k motherboard.

All-in-all, a great find, even if I can’t easily convert it back to a stock Macintosh 128k.

Here are some pics:


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