IBM PC RT 6150

I’ve been on the lookout for an IBM PC RT and was able to acquire this 6150 model.  Unfortunately, it was only the tower that I could find so I am trying to figure out how I am going to boot it for the first time and see what’s on it.  Through the awesome support of Deskthority, a keyboard enthusiasts community, I was able to get an IBM 6247440 keyboard but it is missing the removable cable. I’m trying to track that down as well as an RT mouse.

Looks like this unit supports the IBM 5081 color display but I fear that will be very difficult to find.  My first step will try to hook up a terminal via serial connection and see what I can find out about it.

Below are pictures of the cards that were in the computer.  The I/O slots are marked 1 through 8 (top most slot is slot 1 and has the ESDI drive card) and the RT PC  slots are marked A through D (start after slot 8 with the CPU in slot A):

Slot 1: Enhanced ESDI card

Slot 2: Token Ring card

Slot 3: Serial/Parallel card

Slot 4/5: Dual slot Megapel Adapter cards

Slot 6:  (Empty)

Slot 7: Streaming tape drive controller card

Slot 8: 5080 Peripheral Adapter card

Slot A: IBM PC RT Processor (CPU) card

Slot B: Coprocessor ccard

Slot C: 8 MB ECC Memory card

Slot D: Empty

The hard drive in this unit is an H310 model  310MB Maxtor ESDI Drive:

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