Macintosh: Through the Looking Glass

The ad I found was entitled “This is the Holy Grail of vintage Apple Software”.  I agree.  This is something that is on the Want List for many Apple aficionados but usually stays on the Want List because a copy of this software never comes up for sale.  If it does, it goes for an “It’s Not for Sale” amount of money.  I was able to find this at a reasonable price that didn’t break the bank.

It is the classic “Through the Looking Glass” software that was the first and only game that Apple Computer sold.  This software has it’s own Wikipedia page so take a look over here for full details:

Here are some pictures:

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  1. Sam Griffith Jr says:

    The original box had a piece of rice/tissue paper cut to size that the cover folded over as well. It protected the print graphics on the inside cover. I still have mine with the tissue paper in it from buying it when it came out. A truly amazing piece of history.

    • admin says:

      Good catch. I didn’t include that in the pictures. It’s sort of like a parchment paper and helps prevent bleed-through from the disk holder to the inside cover these days.

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