IBM 5535-M18 Multistation

Below are some pictures of a recent acquisition; the IBM 5535-M18 Multistation with 3274 terminal adapter.  This was a business PC from Japan that also acted as a word processor and a terminal.  Sadly,...


Zilog Z80 Development System

Attached are pictures of a Zilog Z80 Development System I acquired recently.  I need to do some research but am putting up some pictures to show the inner workings of this early model.


Computer Systems computer?

This is something I acquired a few weeks ago and I am still unsure what it is.  To be honest, I got it just to see what was inside and see if I could...


Tomy Tutor

Here are some quick pics of my Tomy Tutor.  More to come.  Of note is that the keyboard is made by Alps Electric.  You don’t normally see Alps keyboards like this.  


Poster collection

Here are some of my Apple posters. My Processor Technology posters: Pixar posters:


Fairchild CPU-8 F8-based Computer

This CPU-8 computer from “CPU Systems” was a kit based on a Fairchild F8 microprocessor.  This kit included the 3851 Program Storage Unit that contains FAIRBUG, a monitor program, and the 3853 SRAM controller. ...


Exidy Sorcerer II – with cassettes

I recently acquired another Exidy Sorcerer II but this time, it had game cassettes and many of the  game manuals.  There is a picture of the cassettes along with the computer below.  Look in...


Heathkit Hero 1 (ET-18) Robot

I recently acquiring this Heathkit Hero 1 model ET-18 plus some extra accessories from someone in Saskatchewan.  It was originally owned by a school teacher who would have built this from a kit.  One...


Classic Keyboard – Apple II synthesizer

I recently acquire a Classic keyboard.  This is special on two fronts.  First,  the entire package this was a part of, known as “The Classic System”,  was compatible with alphaSyntauri software, according to the...