Vintage Alps Keyboard

I recently acquires some interesting items from someone that had an eclectic collection of vintage computer hardware and software.   Among the items was this Alps keyboard that I found very interesting.   I don’t really know what it was used with because it came as shown but after some clean up, here are some pictures.  It appears to use similar key switches to the Apple Macintosh M0110 keyboard but The most interesting thing I found was that the key caps are nowhere near the same.  This Alps branded keyboard has texture on the key cap tops; not something I have seen on many keyboards unless they were quite old.

As noted in the comments below (thank you!), this keyboard assembly is from a Heath/Zenith Z-100 computer.



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  1. Paul Coxwell says:

    Hi, These were used in the Heath/Zenith Z100 range of computers, circa 1983. They were dual processor machines with an 8085 for CP/M and an 8088 for MS-DOS. I still have one of these keyboards in my spares collection, although I just took a look at the board and it’s 12KC155B rather than 12KC155C as in your example. No doubt just a minor PC board layout change or something similar.

    Paul Coxwell.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for helping to identify it. I took a look around and it does look like it’s the one.

      Thank you.

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