Getting Rid of a Computer?

Vintage computer collecting and restoring is my passion so  I am always looking for interesting computers and related software, documentation and peripherals that may not be in my collection.   I am particularly interested in Canadian computers so they can be displayed at this site for all to see and appreciate. 

Items I am specifically looking for:

  1.  MCM/700 or MCM/800 computer from Micro Computer Machines or any related items – Designed and built in Ontario, Canada, these computers are pretty awesome feats of early Canadian computing technology.  I’d love to try to collect all of the MCM machines.
  2. MIL MOD-8 – Another early Canadian technology company.  Microsystems International Limited produced computer chips and had a computer development system called the MIL Mod-8 to highlight it’s Intel 8008 second-sourced chip with the MIL MF8008 moniker.  I am trying to collect an MIL chips but have only been successful finding an MF8008.
  3. Telidon related computers/terminals – In elementary school, our class was shown a Telidon terminal and we were able to interact with it for a short period of time.  This fascinated me and got me interested in the computer field.
  4. Dynalogic computers –  While i think I have the Hyperion covered, I don’t have any other equipment from Dynalogic.  I’d be interested in anything that may be out there.
  5. The Mimic Spartan – A Canadian company out of Vancouver produced an add-on to the Commodore 64 that was essentially an Apple II crafted into an add-on device.  As a big Commodore fan, I would live to find one of these or any information on them so I can cover it on the website.
  6. Commodore computers – I have a very good collection of Commodore equipment but there are always holes in my collection.  The Commodore 64 was the first computer I bought and the Commodore PET was the first computer I had used in school.

If you have a computer that you will be discarding or you’d like to sell, add a comment below.  I am always happy to cover the cost of shipping if it’s a computer that I need to add to the collection.   You can also email me directly at

Thank you for visiting.



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  1. Orlanda says:

    I have a commedore VIC20 still in the box if you are interested…?

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