Macintosh SE Upgraded to SE-30 (note the dash)

This computer had a curious feature that made me think it might have been a prototype.  This is a Macintosh SE that was upgraded to an SE/30 but it’s unique feature included finger wells in the floppy drive.  High res pictures show that these were actually hand sculpted into the case but I haven’t figured out why.  The computer is a normal SE converted to an SE/30 but was not a normal Apple supplied upgrade.  The normal factory upgrade would have replaced the front bezel and included stickers where appropriate so that you could not tell the original computer was an SE without checking the serial number.

Below are pics of that computer.  Works wonderfully as an SE/30 with “SE-30” stickers covering the old nomenclature.

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  1. LazarusNine says:

    Those photos are all really appealing. It strikes me that maybe a previous owner went through the trouble of upgrading the machine unofficially via a motherboard upgrade, etc. Then, they would have had to produce those stickers individually. Perhaps they liked the kiss design of later manual inject floppy holes? Alternatively, it could very well have been someone at Apple toying with upgrade path options!

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