The KIMSI S-100 expansion backplane for the KIM-1 by Forethought Technologies

Here are some pictures of the KIMSI S-100 add-on board for the KIM-1.  This board was produced by Forethought Technologies along with an optional power supply known as the KIMSI-PLUS power supply that would handle the extra load of up to 8 S-100 cards. The power supply would put out an unregulated +8V at 10A,
+ 16V at 1A, -16V at 1A.  Plenty of extra power.

Shown is how the KIMSI board is attached to the KIM-1.  At present, the board only has one S-100 card slot connector.


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  1. Achim Baqué says:

    Wonderful to see the KIMSI board.
    I try for a long time to get hands on the KIMSI. Most people don’t now this board and I guess thousands of KIMSIs are forgotten on a shelf.
    If someone has to offer a KIMSI, please contact me.

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