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Getting Rid of a Computer?

Vintage computer collecting and restoring is my passion so  I am always looking for interesting computers and related software, documentation and peripherals that may not be in my collection.   I am particularly interested in Canadian computers so they can be displayed at this site for all to see and appreciate. 

Items I am specifically looking for:

  1.  MCM/70 computer from Micro Computer Machines or any related items – Built in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this computer is believed to be the first personal microcomputer and was an early pioneer.
  2. Telidon related computers/terminals – In elementary school, our class was shown a Telidon terminal and we were able to interact with it for a short period of time.  This fascinated me and got me interested in the computer field.
  3. Dynalogic computers –  While i think I have the Hyperion covered, I don’t have any other equipment from Dynalogic.  I’d be interested in anything that may be out there.
  4. Commodore computers – I have a very good collection of Commodore equipment but there are always holes in my collection.  The Commodore 64 was the first computer I bought and the Commodore PET was the first computer I had used in school.

If you have a computer that you will be discarding or you’d like to sell, add a comment below.  I am always happy to cover the cost of shipping if it’s a computer that I need to add to the collection.   You can also email me directly at admin@vintagecomputer.ca

Thank you for visiting.



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