Canon Cat

I recently acquired a Canon Cat and am thrilled because these don’t come up for sale much.  The Canon Cat was famously developed by Jef Raskin, of Apple Macintosh fame.  While the Canon Cat is a more powerful word processor than most, it’s most exciting characteristic is the utilization of a new (for the time) user interface known as the Humane Interface.   I have to admit, the first thing I did was use the Leap functionality.  For more information on the Humane Interface, please see this Wikipedia page:

Wikipedia has a very good page on the Canon Cat so if you are looking for more information, I suggest you try browsing the following page and I also suggest you look at the External Links on the Wikipedia page as well.

Given how old it is and knowing it is susceptible to yellowing, I was quite surprised at how white it is.  It looks brand new.  Here are some pics :

Being a keyboard enthusiast, I also took some pictures of the keyboard which features SMK inverse cross-mount key switches.  More information here at the Deskthority Wiki here:

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