Classic Keyboard – Apple II synthesizer

I recently acquire a Classic keyboard.  This is special on two fronts.  First,  the entire package this was a part of, known as “The Classic System”,  was compatible with alphaSyntauri software, according to the ad from the March 1985 edition of Computing Now.  Second, it is made in Canada by the Classic Organ Works company in Markham, Ontario, formerly know as The Classic Organ Co. Ltd when this keyboard was made.

The Classic System advertisement in Computing Now, March 1985

Sadly, I don’t have anything other than the actual keyboard.  The previous owner didn’t have the Apple II that the cards for this system would have been installed in so I am unsure if the Classic System consisted of Mountain Computer Systems cards, like the alphaSyntauri or if there was a set of proprietary cards that Classic Organ Works supplied with the keyboard as part of the system.  This brings up the question of just how compatible the Classic keyboard is with the alphaSyntauri system and if it can be a direct replacement for the alphaSyntauri keyboard.

Below are pictures of the construction.  It’s wood outer construction is very well done and it is a very solid keyboard.  Perhaps one day I’ll be able to find the cards that made up the Mountain Computer Music System and see if it would work.



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