Dynalogic Hyperion: A Canadian Classic

The first Canadian computer I just had to collect was the Dynalogic Hyperion.  It was a luggable computer with a unique design. The keyboard snaps into place for transport and had it’s own transport bag.  Pictured here are three slightly different models from June 1983 to, what I believe is, a late 1984 that has Bytec on the serial number label.  The easiest discernible feature is he differences in the dual floppy drives.  The earliest model I have also has a legend strip the shows icons for the various ports on the back where later models had the legends molded into the case.

Along with the various galleries below of the computers in my collection, I also have a number of Hyperion manuals available that have been scanned in.  These manuals can be found in the Files Area under “Hyperion”.

Here is the earliest model I have from June 1983:

This model is from November 1983 and you can see some differences already:

This model is from July 1984:

This last model is a Bytec model that has a date code of 0744 so I am unsure of the date but this would be the latest of the models I have:

Here are some pictures of the internals:

Pictures of a HyperRam RAM add-on card that is plugged into the the Hyperion expansion slot:


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  1. Bruce Touzel says:

    I remember in 1983-84 timeframe, the owner of Hyperion (I believe) who knew the owner of my company, and show cased it to us to look at.
    At the time, this was an amazing compact computer.

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