Persci Drive and controller boards?

I pride myself in being able to find almost anything on the Internet.  This item has me stumped.  It’s a Persci dual drive with, what I believe is an S-100 controller card set.  The Helios II has a dual board set to control the Persci drive that is the heart of the Processor Technology Helios II disk drive.  The two cards depicted below might be the controller for the Persci 277 or 299 drive within the 2142 Persci slimline case.  That is yet to be determined until I’ve had an opportunity to open it and inspect it.   There is a “Persci 1170 Controller” out there but I haven’t found an accurate picture of it yet.  I’d be interested if anyone knows if these two S-100 cards are the complete controller or perhaps some other cards for the drive.

Here are some pics that a fellow collector who I acquired this drive and cards from sent me.  it’s currently on it’s way but it’s lack of information is bugging me.

Edit:  Update here: Persci Drive is a 299. What are the controller boards?

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