RCA COSMAC 18S020 Evaluation Kit in a SWTPC 6800 case

I recently acquired an RCA COSMAC 18S020 Rev 2 Evaluation kit but it was tucked inside an SWTPC 6800 case that had been customized for it’s use.  The board is fully populated with memory and has some work done to the expansion prototyping area but i haven’t yet figured out what it is.  From one of the pictures I received, I thought the DB25 connector was for a terminal connection but in looking at it closer, I don’t think the pins line up to a serial connection.  Thankfully, Chuck from the “cosmacelf”  Yahoo group had an early Evaluation Kit manual so I helped put it together into a final MPM-203 PDF version and have the information to try to sort this out.

Below are some pictures.

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