It’s Official!

It’s been some time that I’ve considered creating a virtual exhibit for some of the computers I’ve been able to collect to honour their place in computing history.  Now it’s official!  This is the start of a new web presence dedicated to showcasing vintage computing technology.

As someone who working in higher education for many years, I’ve seen technology move from primitive to very advanced.  Your glimpse at technology, no matter when it starts,  always starts at “primitive”.  Today’s youth takes many things for granted and with current focus on “user experience”, the basics of computing is getting more hidden than ever.

This site will display some vintage computers and their place in history as well as help out new collectors with resources to learn about the various technology.

While the site is for everyone, there will be some focus on Canadian vintage computer collecting.  As with any collector from outside of the United States, there are differences in how one goes through the process of collecting and resources for finding the next vintage masterpiece.  This will also be covered from my perspective.  I will also have some forums set up for discussion by peers.

The site is new so I will be filling in portions as I go along so please check back soon!

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  1. David Larsen says:

    Hi Good to see you working on the virtual site. I know it is a lot of work and hope you can keep adding to your virtual display. I have added your site to the list “Micrcomputer History – Web sites & Blog’s” on my blog site. You will find this list of site as a drop down menu on my Blog. I have a lot of these old computer artifacts in my collection and a few hundred on display at my small museum. I would hope I could be of assistance or provide some items for your virtual display in the future.

    Please let me know if you are OK with me including your Blog site on my Blog. Thank you Dave.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,

      Absolutely. Once I get things going here, I’ll also have a list of other vintage computer sites and will include your site as well. I’ve been there many times and appreciate the time you take to maintain it. One doesn’t know how much work goes into the planning an maintenance of such a site so “Thank you!”

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