The Making of a Virtual Exhibit

You will notice I don’t use the term “museum” but I do use “virtual exhibit”.  Museum is an academic term and a very involved process of accession, cataloging and displaying one or many collections.  What you will see here is my collection.  I don’t have a building one can come and visit to see exhibits so I’m going to do this online.

Through the process of vintage computer collecting, I’ve also learned many things about these machines and have met some great people who are collectors that have shared information and techniques on the art of collecting.  I’d like to do that here as well.  Preservation is the key to this hobby for me.  I’ve been working with computers since high school and they have treated me well with a great career.  While I can’t save them all, I can save some examples and that’s what this site is all about.

While i will be posting specific pages for each item, it will take a little time take pictures.  I don’t really have a good photography set up so I have a couple of sample items up that I’ve already photographed and need to redo once I have a proper set up.

More to come soon.

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