Vintage Single Board Computer Collection

Here is my single board computer collection as of February 8, 2019.  I love these devices because I am a vintage computer collector who is always on the lookout for vintage computer learning tools and these were mainly used for learning about the computer central processing units and their related chipsets so that they could be eventually used in industrial and commercial applications.  What also happened is that these boards were acquired and used by computer hobbyists at the time.

One of the more popular single board computers was the KIM-1 originally made by MOS Technologies and later on Commodore who acquired MOS.  It was quite popular and one can find various revisions.  I happen to have four revisions but hope to find the rest.

Here is a picture of my collection.  Below is a legend of what they are.

  1. IMSAI 8048 Control Computer 8048CC
  2. Multitech Micro Professor MPF-1P
  3. Commodore KIM-1 Rev D
  4. Motorola Memory Systems MEK6802D5
  5. Intel MCS-85 System Design Kit
  6. Rockwell R6500 Advanced Interactive Microcomputer AIM-65
  7. Commodore KIM-1 Rev E
  8. Commodore KIM-1 Rev F
  9. Commodore KIM-1 Rev G
  10. Xerox BigBoard – (based on Ferguson Bigboard II)
  11. IASIS Inc. IA7301 Computer in a Book
  12. Ohio Scientific Model 600 “Superboard II”
  13. Motorola MEK6800D2 (keyboard/display module only)
  14. Motorola Microsystems MC68000 Educational Computer
  16. Synertek SYM-1


2 Responses

  1. Jeff Nay says:

    I have an IASIS ia7301 that I am working on, but having a problem writing an or reading tapes. I also have a beautiful KIM-1 that I think you will like.

  2. Andrew Wasson says:

    Pretty cool collection. I’ve got a SYM-1, Kim-1 Rev E, a few ET3400’s and numerous 1802 ELF Systems; 4 – Quest Super ELF’s that I’ve restored, an RCA 1802 Microboard System, some sort of RCA COSMAC industrial computer and various others. The RCA COSMAC industrial computer is the only one I don’t have running. The Netronics ELF II was my first computer and it put me on a trajectory.

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