DTC 300/S board. Excited to put an MCS-4 chipset to some use.

I recently acquired a board from Benoit C. That was used as the heart of a Data Terminals and Communication DTC-300/S model data terminal/printer.  The board features the MCS-4 chipset including the C4004 CPU, 1302 and 8316A ROMs, P4004 RAM and the C4008 address latch and P4009 program and I/O converter ICs.  I am excited to see what I am able to do with it because Benoit had the original schematics so I will be doing my best to put it to use.  Here are some pictures of the board and components.

Partial schematics of the DTC 300/S and this board can be viewed here:  DTC 300/S Schematics

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