Tiger Learning Computer

I recently acquired a new “toy”.  Actually, it’s a toy from 1996 that’s called the Tiger Learning Computer.  I was able to get the main unit and four cartridges but it normally comes with ix cartridges in total.  I had a little trouble determining the power supply (it didn’t come with that either) but I finally noticed an embossed area on the rear panel that indicated a 9V AC power supply at 350mA of current.  Luckily, I had an appropriate power supply and it powered up.

This unit from Tiger Electronics is special because it happens to hold the title of “Last Apple II to be produced”.  Tiger licensed the Apple IIe technology from Apple and used it to make this child’s Learning Computer toy.  It was tested in four markets and never actually made it to full production because Steve Jobs had returned to Apple and killed the licensing deal that ended the possibility of distribution for this product.

While I was able to power it up, I am missing the mouse that normally comes with it so I cannot move around the user interface.  This is something I am looking into.

Internal pics show quite a few patches and added wires in various places.  Let’s remember, this is a Tiger Electronics product and NOT an Apple product.  The chips were hard to read while balancing the keyboard and pushing an internal metal cage out of the way to take the pictures.

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