Cherry Solid-state Capacitive keyboard – T mount

Pictured here is a Cherry based terminal keyboard  from Control Data Corporation that was part of the CDC 721 Terminal also known as the CDC 721 Viking terminal. It is one an example of a pre-PC Cherry keyboard with solid state capacitive key switches with foam and foil pads. They look to be in terrific condition.
Other then the key switch type, there are some oddities and neat things about it. The “Next” key is different from “Enter”, “Return” or even a symbolic arrow.  It’s rectangular and rounded. The key switch stems are also “barbed” so that key switches would not come off.   They click when put in place. You might also notice the green dummy switches for multi-switch enlarged keys. The springs used for these are actually lighter. I believe this to be the case so that the force of both springs is equal to one spring and it would not be any harder to press than the other keys.

If anyone knows any more about this or the switches, I’d love to know more.

Here are some pics:

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