Vintage Homemade terminal keyboard

I love finding vintage “home brew” hardware and this is one of the most impressive terminal/keyboards in my collection to me.  It’s construction is crude but it was quite usable as this keyboard contains the main components  of an old Diablo paper terminal shown here.

The main HPP01 circut board features an Intel 8080 CPU and likely all of the MCS-80 chips set (I have to re-look at it a little closer to confirm).  The keyboard mechanism is made by Micro Switch and contains Micro Switch hall-effect key switches that almost appear “clicky” because of the internal magnets used in the key switches.  This keyboard uses similar key switches to the infamous Space Cadet keyboard described within this Deskthority post.

Here are some pictures of this special terminal/keyboard.  I have not yet powered it up but certainly will do do after inspecting it and reading the EPROMs.

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