Vintage Micro Switch Keyboard

Here is an example of a Micro Switch keyboard assembly.  It is mounted in a makeshift housing that appears to have held a different keyboard in the past.  After some Internet searches, it appears that this might be a keyboard with “hall effect” key switches that are highly acclaimed.  More info here:

This one is from 1975 and I don’t know the original application but it is a very good feeling keyboard.

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  1. There’s some writing on the side of one of the switches — certainly the later generation of Micro Switch switches had the switch type printed on every switch, so I’m wondering if these might do, too?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I’ve added a picture of one of the key switches with “1SW11” on the side. The rest of the key switches are not accessible without me taking apart the keyboard. Hope this helps.

      • Noted, thank you.

        As a note, there should be one code per switch type. The dummy switches used to stabilise the two-unit keys should have a different code to the remainder of the switches (as is known to be the case with the better-known generation of these switches). Space bar might have a different switch again, if is has a heavier switch. (I don’t know if that was ever Micro Switch practice.)

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