Zilog Z80 Development System

Attached are pictures of a Zilog Z80 Development System I acquired recently.  I need to do some research but am putting up some pictures to show the inner workings of this early model.

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  1. Ruud Broers says:

    Hi Santo,
    Great looking Zilog Z80 Development System!
    Also complements on the clean presentation of your collection.

  2. Les Bird says:

    I have a complete working software restoration solution for these Zilog MCZ computers. Check the website link to download software disk images and host software to send disk images to a Zilog computer. All you need is a working Zilog computer and a blank 32 sector 8 inch floppy disk.

  3. Lasse Hillerøe Petersen says:

    Hi Les! I am a Danish programming language history geek, and I have been searching for compilers for Zilog PLZ/SYS (preferably Z80, but Z8 or Z8000 or indeed any version would be fantastic) for some time now. This language (or language family) seems to really have faded into total obscurity, to the point that there are almost no evidence of it on the Internet. Your comment above seems to mention software disk images that I imagine may include such a compiler package (PLZSYS compiler PLZCG code generator, PLINK linker, ZINTERP Z-code interpreter etc, if I recall the names correctly), but I can’t figure out what website link you are referring to? Can you help me out with a more precise link to the images (which I suppose are decodable without writing to a physical 8″ floppy somehow), or maybe even better, a zip or tar.gz of the individual program files?

  4. Alfred says:

    Hello Les,
    great work and thanks for your effort.
    It helps me a lot to fix my MCZ-1/05 system.
    Many greetings from the northern Black Forest

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