Escon Kit that converts an IBM Selectric into a printer

I recently acquired a NOS Escon Model E-P that converts an IBM Selectric I, II or III into a printer. This was originally purchased and sat unused until the company that purchased it eventually went out of business and gave it to the person I acquired it from.  I sits in its new old stock form from 1980 to this day.

An excerpt from one of the three manuals states, “Your computer may communicate with the ESCON system in either RS-232-level serial mode, or TTL-level parallel. In the serial mode, eight standard baud rates are available, from 110 to 9600 baud. In parallel mode, the polarity of the strobe and handshake lines may be selected.”

Documentation has been posted here:


Here are some pics of the main device unit.

Here are some additional solenoids that are in the plastic bag:


Here are what the internals of the E-P interface box look like:

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  1. Steve says:

    Brilliant photos thanks. Almost simpler in some ways than IBM’s original system but very likely not as hard-wearing. Can see the selection solenoid very clearly. Cheers

  2. I worked for Escon Products, Inc. while a student at U.C. Berkeley in 1979-1980. I installed many of the Escon kits into Selectric typewriters. I also designed the blue L-shaped circuit board shown in your photo. Thanks for your post!

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