Nabu PC and Development Server

I recently acquired a Nabu PC and Nabu 1100 server..  These were reported to be used for development of software for the Nabu Network.  More information to follow but for now, here are pictures...


Intecolor 3600 series computer

I recently acquired an Intelligent Systems Corp (ISC) Intecolor 3600 Series desktop computer recently from someone who used to work at ISC.  Wikipedia calls it the successor to the COMPUCOLOR II. Unfortunately,  it is...

Using Kermit on the Commodore 900 0

Using Kermit on the Commodore 900

Running Kermit on the Commodore 900 is a bit awkward but it works.  I have used it to send and receive files between a PC laptop and the C900.  For my scenario, I use...

MFM Emulator on the Commodore 900 0

MFM Emulator on the Commodore 900

These are my notes on using David Gesswein’s MFM emulator with the Commodore 900.  At present, I do not have it set up to use the emulator on a regular basis but I was...


GRiD GRiDPad 2260

The GRiDPad model 2260 is an early pen-based personal computer that has a very distinction convertible action from pen-based slab to laptop configuration with full keyboard.   Below are some pictures.  


An early Commodore PET

On October 17, 1977 the Commodore PET started shipping. There was an initial run of 100 units and this unit may have been one of them. This PET 2001-8 model is serial number 10051...


Amiga CD1200 – Prototype upper shell

Below are pictures of an internal engineering model for the ill-fated Amiga CD1200.  This was to be an add-on CD peripheral for the Amiga 1200 with later working prototypes in white.  The CD1200 was...


IBM 5535-M18 Multistation

Below are some pictures of a recent acquisition; the IBM 5535-M18 Multistation with 3274 terminal adapter.  This was a business PC from Japan that also acted as a word processor and a terminal.  Sadly,...


Zilog Z80 Development System

Attached are pictures of a Zilog Z80 Development System I acquired recently.  I need to do some research but am putting up some pictures to show the inner workings of this early model.


Computer Systems computer?

This is something I acquired a few weeks ago and I am still unsure what it is.  To be honest, I got it just to see what was inside and see if I could...