Poster collection

Here are some of my Apple posters. My Processor Technology posters: Pixar posters:


Fairchild CPU-8 F8-based Computer

This CPU-8 computer from “CPU Systems” was a kit based on a Fairchild F8 microprocessor.  This kit included the 3851 Program Storage Unit that contains FAIRBUG, a monitor program, and the 3853 SRAM controller. ...


Exidy Sorcerer II – with cassettes

I recently acquired another Exidy Sorcerer II but this time, it had game cassettes and many of the  game manuals.  There is a picture of the cassettes along with the computer below.  Look in...


Heathkit Hero 1 (ET-18) Robot

I recently acquiring this Heathkit Hero 1 model ET-18 plus some extra accessories from someone in Saskatchewan.  It was originally owned by a school teacher who would have built this from a kit.  One...